How could I get six-packs quickly ??

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There are two steps to getting a six pack:


1) low body fat


2) ab muscles


On the topic of one, you should do lower carb diet with higher protein and moderate fat. Plus do some conditioning.


On the topic of two, you should do the gymnastic position called a hollow hold, L-Sit, and captain's chair leg raises. Those are best for developing abs. Also look into something called TVA exercise. 


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First step: Having a regular schedule let your body burn calories even when you are sleeping or doing nothing it not important how hard is your workouts but it must regular . Second step : eat or drink just not to be hungry not to be full.
Doing specific ab workout will only strengthen the muscle. It does nothing to burn off the body fat that sits between the skin and the muscle. custom essay In order to lose this layer of fat you must follow a low fat diet and do regular aerobic exercise.


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