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General information about household appliances shredder
Household appliances shredder,it鈥檚 used for shredding the white goods / waste household appliances(refrigerator,washing machine,air conditioner etc),the purpose is reduce the volume of goods.
Part customer choose a hammer mill after the shredder to increase the output purity and remove the paint on the surface of household appliances.
The production is provided from our company.

Parameters of #32 and #40
Blade turing diameter桅430桅514桅514
Main shaft speed151515
Machine power(kw)22+2237+3745+45
Hammer mill parameter(Optional )
1.4x12m Feeding Belt Conveyor1set(For feeding material)
Metal Crusher1set
0.65x12m Discharging Belt Conveyor1set(For output material)
0.65x6 m magnetic Belt Conveyor1set(For Magnetic Separation)
Hydraulic Station1set
Main Motor1set
Electric Control Cabinet1set
Control Cabinet1set
Dust Collector1set
Photo show of household appliances shredder
Hammer mill part(Optional parts)
Separated scrap and sponge

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