EASy-maintainable Sand Cooling Roller

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Qingdao Nuoxin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in producing castingequipment, manufacturing and sale of various high quality clay sand,resin sand,sodium silicate sand blasting equipment and reputation at home and abroad.
The company has a strong technical force and has been working closely with scientific research units in major universities and colleges in China,its products have been continuouslydeveloped and innovated, and now it has a number of national invention patents, all year round for Denmark Disha, Japan's New East, Hebei Baodingweie, and other well-known modeling machine manufacturers supporting sand treatment complete set ofequipment, and has received unanimous praise from users.
The company adheres to the business philosophy of "having promise to practice and honesty" and pursues the corporate tenet of "excellent quality and customerfirst",has successively undertaken Jiangsu Longda Group, Zhonghai Group Danang Shipyard, Tianjin Yinhe Valve Group, Hebei Ou Nai Group,Tianjin Sanhe Iron Products Co., Ltd., Longkou Haimeng Machinery Co., Ltd. and hundreds of corporate casting workshops such as clay sand, resin sand, andwater glass sand sets. equipment, Products are sold around the country and exported to Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, India, Malaysia, South Africa and other countries.
We cordially invite you to come!EASy-maintainable Sand Cooling Roller


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