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Our History
Dongguan Lixun Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is an industry leader in manufacturing gooseneck tubing, cnc machining, stamping parts and other related hardware products field in China.
Our Factory
With 20 years of industry experience, knowledge and expertise across a broad range of technologies we are always ready to support you with competitive products, value, and service for your unique applications. In addition, our engineering capabilities allow us to develop and manufacture customized products to meet your specific needs in a very short time.
Our Product
We specialize in designing, producing and selling all kinds of sizes, cnc machining, stamping parts, Flexible Gooseneck Metal Tubes (Stand Tubes, Holder Arms, Gooseneck Tubes and Booms) and Flexible Metal Conduits (Interlocked and Squarelocked Tubes and Corrugated Metal Hose, Optical Fiber and Electrical Wires Protective Tubes), and AN Fittings and hoses.
Product Application
We devote to the whole solutions for Medical, Auto, motorcycle, bicycle parts, digital products, communication, medical, optical, lighting, monitor, photography, model cars, remote control aircraft, aerospace, instrumentation, automation equipment, electronics, health care products, golf, outdoor product, diving, Toys with strict product quality control system (the quality is the soul of company). It is for material inspection, process inspection, full inspection before shipment, strict control of all processes to ensure excellent quality.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Metal hose forming machine * 30
CNC spring machine * 10
Fully automatic fuel injection machine * 5
Punch * 10
Automatic closing machine * 10
CNC lathe * 10
Drilling machine * 10
Rolling machine * 10
Production Market
Global45° Male NPT To Barb manufacturers


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