Extraction Tank factory

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Vacuum extraction tank applies to technology operations such as normal pressure, pressurized water decoction, warm dip, heat reflux, forced circulation, percolation, aromatic oils and organic solvent recovery and so on for Chinese medicine, plants, animals, food, chemical industries, particularly the effect will be better if use dynamic extraction or reflux extraction, short time, high liquid content.
There are varieties of volume from 2000L-8000L, also it can be designed and customized according to the customers' equirements.
Pneumatic control self-locking type discharge door ensures noleakage and it is fast and safe under the sudden electricity off and gas off.
Connector uses tri-clamp, inner tank use SS304 or SS316L, the inner surface mirror polishing Ra≤0.28um-0.6um. Outer surface can be polished, wiredrawn, sandblasted according to customers' requirement.Extraction Tank factory


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