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المستخدم v3ulejs125

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نبذة شخصية: A meat grinder (also called a "meat mincer" in the UK) can be a kitchen area appliance for good chopping ('mincing') and/or mixing of Uncooked or cooked meat, fish, greens or identical foodstuff. It replaces instruments similar to the mincing knife, by way of example, that's also applied to supply minced meat, filling, and so on. The producer puts the minced foods into a funnel, which is put on the very best of your grinder. From there the material goes with a horizontal screw conveyor. This screw conveyor, which can be driven by a hand wheel or An electrical motor, squashes and partly mixes the foodstuff. At the conclusion of the screw conveyor There's a knife mounted specifically before the fastened hole plate. At this opening the minced meat comes out of your machine. The fineness on the meat will depend on the size with the holes on the plate.

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